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Innovative dissemination - The values ​​of the border region

Project title:
Innovative dissemination - The values ​​of the border region
Project ID number:
FMP-E / 1901 / 4.1 / 118
Project start:
End of project:
Project partners:
MEDVESALJA Civic Association, Mária Út Public Benefit Association
The aim of the project:
The project serves a dual purpose: it contributes to the networking of those who maintain cultural values ​​and showrooms, as well as to the expansion of the knowledge of those living in the area and those who want to get to know the area, and to strengthening the coexistence and cooperation of local citizens.

The basic goal of the project is to expand the cooperation of people living in the border area, to strengthen their local identity by creating innovative dissemination opportunities based on their common cultural values.

Through joint planning and implementation, the relationship between the nationalities of the region is improved, and sustainable services and activities are developed thanks to significant social participation.

The integration of the created dissemination programs into the civil and educational system contributes to the formation of the attitude of the younger generations and to the increase of their knowledge. Through the jointly developed ICT solutions and events, the awareness of the common cultural values ​​of the region increases, which improves the cohesion of the local society by strengthening the sense of identity.

The acquaintance of the regional cultural values ​​is effectively served by a comprehensive application, with the help of which the maintainers and presenters can present themselves as part of a network.

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