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Innovative dissemination - The values of the border region PROJECT OBJECTIVES

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In the Small Project Fund Interreg V-A Slovakia - Hungary Cooperation Programme, project FMP-E/1901/4.1/118, MEDVESALJA o.z. and Mary’s Route Public Benefit Association are the cooperating partners and they are working on the development of an innovative game in the framework of "Inno-cult", i.e. Innovative Dissemination - Values of the Border Region.

The application, which will showcase the common cultural values of the region, will contribute to the promotion of the showrooms and the network system that the promoters are developing. Cooperation between the partners will be strengthened and the network between the implementing partners, the cultural and built heritage managers and the users of the app will contribute to increasing social cohesion in the cross-border region.

With the contribution of the network's members (educational institutions, municipalities, cultural showrooms, NGOs), the database of the programme will be constantly renewed, thus ensuring the sustainability of the network of cooperation. The period following the implementation of the project will also lead to further regional cooperation between local social actors, as the partners will be jointly responsible for providing and updating the application with additional content.

In addition to the IT development of the programme, the partners will carry out promotional activities, produce communication publications, thematic recommendations and organise events (workshop and final event) to help the partners to disseminate the development as widely as possible.




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