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About the game in progress - PilgrInno

cikk, szerző: sodi

In the framework of the Small Projects Fund Interreg V-A Slovakia - Hungary Cooperation Programme, the project FMP-E/1901/4.1/118 "Innovative dissemination - Values of the border region", as we have already reported, the partners are working on the development of an innovative game.

The game has been named "PilgrInno", which refers to the core activity of the lead partner as a cross-border pilgrimage organiser, as well as to the short name of the project, which includes an association with the innovative nature of the development.

The use of the game can be a great complementary leisure activity for groups or individuals on excursions or hikes. However, one of the most important aims of the development is to give partner organisations a tool to promote the heritage and traditions they know, manage and care for.

The application also has an educational and awareness-raising function, drawing attention to the importance of knowing the traditions around the user and the importance of preserving built and cultural heritage.

The network of partners is constantly expanding, and new partners are welcome. This will provide users with a constantly expanding game, based on a constantly renewing database, which will hopefully cover the entire border region in time.



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