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PilgrInno - The game

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As we reported earlier, the innovative game PilgrInno is being developed not only on the Android mobile app, but also on the web.

The game is being developed by the Mary’s Route Public Benefit Association and the MEDVESALJA o.z. in cross-border cooperation within the framework of the Small Projects Fund Interreg V-A Slovakia - Hungary Cooperation Programme, project FMP-E/1901/4.1/118 "Innovative dissemination of knowledge - Values of the border region".

The game is currently in the testing phase, during which the functions and operating principle of the game can be verified. At this stage, the developer interface allows you to memorise 3 cards, each with a 10-second timer, and then answer questions about the cards. Scoring is based on the number of correct answers, followed by the ranking.

In addition to the questions, the app will also include locations on the cards, with extra information to inform those using PilgrInno.

The development of the application will include a presentation of the cultural, architectural and gastronomic heritage and values of the area concerned, which will help to strengthen the network of operators. The information provided by the organisations wishing to join will be used to produce further cards and associated questions, ensuring the continuous renewal of the game.




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