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Introducing PilgrInno - Part 2

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"PilgrInno" is a game developed within the framework of the Small Project Fund Interreg V-A Slovakia - Hungary Cooperation Programme, project FMP-E/1901/4.1/118 "Innovative dissemination - Values of the border region", which is implemented in cross-border cooperation between the Mary’s Route Public Benefit Association and the MEDVESALJA o.z.

The application is currently being tested to verify the functionality and basic working principle of the game. Compared to the last report, the current state of the game has been updated with the loading of 5 additional cards on the development interface, so that 8 cards are now being tested. The testers are observing whether the relevant questions are displayed for a given card, whether the application gives the right feedback, and whether the points are calculated accurately.

The game works on the geolocation principle, and when access is approved by the user, players can see a card related to a built or cultural asset that corresponds to or is close to their current location.

As mentioned in previous posts, in the full version of the game, there will be 10-second time intervals to memorise 10 different cards, followed by answering the questions associated with each card. If the answer is correct, the program will give green feedback, and if incorrect, red feedback.  In the latter case, the game will also mark the correct answer, helping you to retain the knowledge.

PilgrInno will be developed not only for smartphones running Android, but will also be playable on the web. The application will be a tool for presenting the cultural and architectural values and traditions of the area concerned, with the possibility of seeing the total score at the end of the game and checking the answers given.




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